Matt Thought He Knew – Polish (Subtitled)


This video was created for the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command (CEOP). This resource is freely available through YouTube. This film is about online grooming, it tells Matt’s story, Matt started to chat with, who he thought was a girl, around his age, they had a lot in common and built an online relationship. After some time Matt agreed to meet up with the girl, it turns out that the young girl was actually a middle aged man. When they met up the man hurts Matt, and tells him to keep the relationship a secret, or he would share Matt’s pictures. At home Matt thought he would have to continue the secret, until he remembers something he had been told at school. Matt had been told how to report the kind of behaviours and threats that he had been experiencing. This video is in English but as Polish subtitles.


This resource is a short video which illustrates the dangers of talking to strangers online, the video shows that you can be who you want to be online, you can change things about yourself in order to trap victims. This appears to be what online groomers do. I found that this resource was good, particularly the fact that this was a male victim, groomed by a male pretending to be female. This shows young males that, the person grooming does not always have to say they are a man. This video is in English but as Polish subtitles.

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