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Calm Harm provides tasks to help you resist or manage the urge to self-harm. The app provides four categories of tasks to help you surf the urge. Distract helps you learn self-control. Comfort helps you care rather than harm. Express Yourself gets those feelings out in a different way and, Release provides safe alternatives to self injury.

There is also a Breathe category to help you start calm and get back in control. You do the activities for either blocks of five minutes or fifteen minutes with a countdown for each minute. You will be able to track your progress through the app and hopefully notice a change in your mental well being.


This app is free and “gamifies” the experience of dealing with thoughts of self harm. I think it is a beneficial resource to have on the website as it offers a way to practically deal with self harm. In a generation where lots of young people have a smartphone, this type of application could be useful in helping young people on the go.

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