Broken Isn’t Beautiful – Eleanor Avon


This poem by a young girl called Eleanor is a new look at what she calls the current ‘trend’ of mental illness. She calls out people who ‘play’ depressed in order to gain community from friends. She identifies how it becomes a game of who’s mental health is worse and who has more pain and how these people are taking valuable resources from people who really need help but can’t find their voice to ask.

The spoken word poem is an emotional journey into the world of a young person who is struggling with their mental health and how it can seem like everyone else needs to one up you with their own experiences. Remember, if you are struggling with your mental health, talk to someone you trust and let them know what’s going on.


This poem is long, and I found myself losing interest at some points but it does make valid claims. I do feel it promotes this idea of ‘i’m sick and everyone else is faking’ which can be detrimental to other people who are actually suffering. People with serious mental health concerns should raise their concerns with their doctor in order to access proper treatment. I think I come from a standpoint where you concern yourself with your own mental health and not bother with what is happening to other people, but this video promotes an alternative view. So my evaluation is it’s as useful as it is flawed but if it gets the message across that you need to talk about your mental health than surely it has some place.

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