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Birmingham LGBT is the city’s leading charity for LGBT people, including LGBT youths. The services offered by the charity are diverse and include a range of things including peer mentoring, sexual health and wellbeing, aging as an LGBT person, domestic violence advice and counselling for LGBT people.

Birmingham LGBT have five core values on which it bases all of its work; passion for creating a vibrant LGBT community, creating a sense of community through the users of the charity, creating and maintaining a respectful environment, embracing diversity and promoting equality and finally, empowerment for the members of the LGBT community.


The charity offers a great place for LGBT people of any age to thrive and as it includes older LGBT people who can mentor young people and foster a positive experience for those young people. It also offers services on sexual health and wellbeing which is not really seen in the LGBT community. It also offers services for LGBT people who may be going through domestic violence which is rare for a service to offer as these situations can often become complicated.
The charity also offers a range of training for professionals. These trainings can be a bespoke programme or a more general programme to raise confidence and competence in dealing with LGBT issues. The prices for these trainings are competitive and should be looked at by professionals who feel they need an education on LGBT issues.
The website is easy to navigate and any information that is needed can be easily found with a couple of clicks. Contact information for the charity is present on every page which means it is always at the forefront of the viewers mind which is a good thing for young LGBT people who may be looking on the site for help.

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