Amelia Ace joins Childline to talk about what asexuality is. The video also busts some of the myths surrounding asexuality such as; asexuals can have romantic relationships, asexuality is not the same as abstinence or celibacy, some asexuals still chose to have sex. Asexual can be used as an umbrella term to cover demisexuality or greysexuality. Demisexuality is when individuals only feel sexual attraction after developing a strong emotional bond. Greysexuality is for people who rarely experience sexual attraction or the sexual attraction they experience is so weak that they prefer to fall under the asexual umbrella.


This video highlights a topic that is often overlooked when talking about young people who part of the LGBT community. Asexuality is as much a part of the gay community as any other sexuality but not many people appreciate that. This video could open young people’s eyes or perhaps offer support to a young person who has felt like they don’t belong just because they have yet to find out asexuality exists. The video has a positive message and is non-judgemental in its nature. It’s a really nice, short video to watch and I think it promotes a good attitude towards discovering your sexuality.

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