YoungMinds provides high quality information about anxiety, and how it can affect your life. This webpage contains information on what anxiety is, information on the variety of symptoms that anxiety can have, what you should do about anxiety and how you should approach your GP, and finally it gives help and advice on treating anxiety.

It’s important to remember that everyone will deal with mental health issue and anxiety at some point during their lives and that is completely normal. Opening up and talking about your anxiety makes it easier to be treated. Using the information from YoungMinds, you should feel supported in opening up a conversation about your mental health with your GP or an adult you trust.


The information provided by YoungMinds is always up to date and valid. As opposed to most other sites that offer information on self-help techniques, YoungMinds talks openly and honestly about medication and therapeutic options for treating anxiety. This can be helpful to young people who have tried all the self-help techniques and still feel anxious and continue to worry that they will experience anxiety for the rest of their life.

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Some of the topics discussed in the linked resources are challenging, and potentially upsetting. If you are a young person experiencing mental health difficulties or other issues highlighted by the resources, please seek the support of a trusted adult. If you need immediate help, please visit this page for information on what to do.