Anxiety in Children: How Parents Can Help


If your child is feeling anxious or showing signs of anxiety it is important to support them. Anxiety can often be overlooked in children and that’s why it is essential to be aware of the signs and symptoms. This webpage contains helpful information for parents about anxiety in children, including the signs and symptoms, when anxiety can become a problem and how to help an anxious child.

Routines and structure, helping children identify feelings, providing opportunities for children to communicate their feelings and providing soothing and comforting strategies can be integral in allowing children to open up about their anxiety which can lead to anxiety not developing into a serious mental health issue. This webpage is a great starting place if you feel that your child may be experiencing anxiety.


The webpage is a great resource, the information is easy to understand without being overwhelming. It provides practical help for parents that they can implement easily without needing to go out and buy specific materials. There is a large number of coping strategies presented which allows for parents to pick and choose what they want to use or what they think is best for them. It is a great resource that is non-judgemental.

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