Anxiety Disorders Training


Identify the different types of anxiety that can affect children and young people, finding out how to help them cope and find specialist help if needed. Using a mix of video, presentation and discussion, this course will help you build an understanding of how anxiety affects children and young people as well as develop strategies to help them manage it. By the end of this course: you’ll understand what anxiety is, recognise signs of anxiety disorders in children and young people, learn strategies to help young people manage stress and anxiety and recognise what level of anxiety is ‘normal’, be able to support children and young people experiencing everyday stresses as exam pressure and, recognise when to bring in specialist help when levels of anxiety need treatment from qualified mental health practitioners.

Most levels of anxiety are normal. Children and young people learn to develop resilience through experiencing everyday stressful situations such as exams. Sometimes levels of anxiety can rise and become unmanageable, making it very difficult for children to see a way past their current situation. By understand what is triggering anxiety, you can learn how to support children going through it and help to give them tools to manage stress and build resilience. You can help young people overcome difficult situations and equip them with the skills they need to face their next challenges with confidence.


As I am unable to take the course myself I cannot truly attest to the quality or content of this course. However, given that it is presented by YoungMinds, you can only assume that it is of high quality given the organisation is a top UK charity surrounding young people's mental health.

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