Anxiety, Depression, and Being a Downer


In this video, Charlie talks about how anxiety and depression have affected his life. He talks about how he feels online there is a sense that you always need to end positively when you talk about depression and anxiety, or mental health in general. He then combats it by saying that not everyone is fine all the time, and sometimes we have to deal with that anyway we can.

This video is an open and honest look at how even the most simple tasks like ordering dinner in a restaurant can create a massive feeling of anxiety within a person. Mental health is not pretty and can’t always be solved by a quick walk in nature. This video talks about getting medicated for anxiety and depression and the stigma that comes along with that decision.


I feel this is appropriate as younger people may struggle to relate to the topic and may struggle to watch the full video as it is quite long and rambly. This is an honest look at how depression and anxiety can affect even the simplest of tasks such as going out to eat lunch. I think the message that it is important to wallow sometimes is great because it is so true. Sometimes you need to allow yourself to feel sad so that young can recognise that your feelings are real and valid.

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