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Here are some common or critical problems, questions or dilemmas for young people with links to the topics that will help. Please remember that HeadStart Wolverhampton does not provide crisis support. If you, or a young person you know, is in need of immediate help and support, please click here for information on what to do.

My mental and physical health

I regularly feel really low
I’m stressed or upset all of the time
I have thoughts about killing myself
suicide prevention
I hurt myself
self harm
I can’t lose weight
body image eating disorders
I hate how I look
body image
I’d like to take better care of myself
self care wellbeing
Am I being neglected?
I get so angry sometimes, it frightens me
I have panic attacks
panic attacks
I’m really worried about my exams
exam stress

Growing up

I’m moving to secondary school soon, and I’m really worried about it.
school transition
I’m questioning whether I’m gay
I think I might be pregnant
teenage pregnancy
I think my girlfriend might be pregnant
teenage pregnancy
I think I was born in the wrong body; I feel like the other gender
gender identity
My body is changing
I’m ready to have sex with my boyfriend / girlfriend
and want to do it safely
sexual consent sexual health relationships
My boyfriend/girlfriend is pressurising me to have sex with them, and I’m not happy about it
sexual consent relationships
I think I might have a sexually transmitted infection
sexual health
I’m viewing lots of pornography and I’m worried about the effect it is having on me

Relationships, family and society

Someone close to me has passed away
I am the carer for a family member and am struggling to cope
young carers
I’m being bullied and want to know what to do
bullying cyberbullying racism
I think I’m in an abusive relationship
abuse emotional abuse child sexual exploitation
I’m a young person, and am in a relationship with an adult.
child sexual exploitation
My boyfriend / girlfriend has dumped me, and I’m heartbroken
My parents are splitting up, and I don’t know what to do
My parents have violent arguments
domestic violence family
My parents want me to get married, and I’m not happy about it
forced marriage
I’m a young carer for a family member at home
young carers
I’m worried that a friend is expressing extreme political or religious views

Drugs, alcohol and addiction

My mates are taking drugs, and are pressurising me to do the same
drugs peer pressure
I’m worried about my drinking, or about someone else’s
I think I might be addicted to gaming or gambling

Finding support

I’ve heard someone talking about CAMHS. What is it?
It has been suggested that I go to counselling. What is going to happen?
I’m looking for organisations in Wolverhampton that might be able to help me

My online life

I’d like to know how to stay safe online
online safety online grooming cyberbullying child sexual exploitation
I’m being bullied online
Someone has asked me to send them a nude photo
sexting child sexual exploitation